Announcing the Z Grills 2021 Pellet Grill Blind Box – we knew we HAD to bring it BACK!


Last year the Z Grills Pellet Grill Blind Box sold out in a week, so now we’re bringing it BACK! But why launch again? Why has it been so long since the last Blind Box?

The story dates back to last Halloween. The Blind Box launch was the first of its kind in the pellet grill market and was a total hit with customers after just one week. Just take a look at some of the incredible feedback we got for last year’s Blind Box:


Stephen Stanton

Halloween Blind Box - Fun, Fast and Delicious Results

I bought the Halloween blind box and ended up with the L6002B. It was a breeze to assemble. I had a few questions and the Facebook group helped a ton. I’ve already made brisket, chicken legs, and pork shoulder in the last two weeks. Very happy with this grill and definitely recommend.

Halloween Suprise.

In my blind box I received the 550A. So far everything has been a breeze to use. Construction is pretty solid and comparable to a Treager in my opinion. I've had great results with it so far and can't wait to get a brisket going on this bad boy. I would suggest putting a little more effort into the assembly directions as knowing which fasteners to use where was a little ambiguous. But I was able to figure it out. Overall a great product and I look forward to testing it's longevity.

Amazing Product with Amazing Support!

I received the Silver 600 series and I am absolutely amazed with it! I have had an issue with the lid not sealing all the way, but that hasn’t stopped me from using this bad boy as much as possible! The support team has been absolutely amazing at getting everything fixed up for me within a matter of hours to reply, this company is amazing and makes an even more amazing product!

Halloween blind box thriller

I took a chance on the Z grill Halloween blind box deal and I am so happy that I did. I received the ZPG L6002B model. This is the first pellet grill that I own, I have been smoking with an off set smoke box grill for years. The first thing that I smoked on my Z grill was baby back ribs and they turned out amazing! Best ribs I’ve ever cooked and so easy! I am looking forward to many more delicious meals from my Z grill!

Josh Dalcher

Love the Halloween Blind Box!

Everything arrived quickly, was undamaged, went together well (I got the 6002B!). The burn-in went smoothly and the first cook was flawless, producing some fantastic pulled pork! I am excited to do more! Thanks for a great bargain on a fantastic smoker grill!

Shaun Ahern

First Pellet Grill

I've used my new ZGrills Pellet Grill twice since I received it, I ended up getting a 550B from the blind box 1.0. Both times the food came out great. I've smoke ribs, a whole chicken, and a brisket so far, and each one was great. Grill was easy to assemble, and easy to use. My only wish is that I would have known about the 2.0 blind box, because I likely would have went with that one over the 1.0. But the ZGrills 550B is a great for getting into the world of pellet smokers/grills.

John Macrery

Blessed for the blind box!

I bought the thanksgiving blind box because i couldn't decide on which grill to get. i ended up with the 10002E and couldn't be happier! it was easy to install and using it is a breeze. so far everything I've cooked has come out great and the only complaint i have is that the front shelf was a little dinged when i got it. that doesn't take away from how it cooks tho so its not that big of a deal. i would definitely recommend z grills to anyone interested in a pellet smoker.

Michael Deardorff

Thanksgiving blessed blind box

I am not a gambler but the money I spent to receive one of the Z grills that are worth more was a no brained. I received the 1000e2 wow what a surprise.The instructions were easy.The next day I followed the directions on how to light the grill and it all worked as it should. I put on a shoulder roast and 3 hours later it was done and it was moist and delicious. Thanks for the great grill.

Our marketing team was so excited to bring our customers this revolutionary offer and incredible shopping experience. The warming feedback inspired us to think about how we can bring even more value to our customers and further improve the unboxing experience.

Over the past 6 months, we’ve devoted ourselves to bringing the idea of a better, even more exciting Blind Box to life. We decided we couldn’t relaunch the Blind Box until we had the ultimate experience ready to go. We’ve brought over 30 years of experience to every step of the Blind Box development process – from model selection and packaging design to production.

Finally, we are proud to announce that the brand new Z Grills 2021 Pellet Grill Blind Box is coming BACK!


Sold out


As always, the pellet grill blind box offers guaranteed value and savings. Priced at $399, the box contains 1 of 5 curated new 2021 models with a value between $479 to $699, including the 550B2, 550C, 6002B2, 6002B3, and 7002C2E.



These premium models are all equipped with an advanced PID controller for exceptional temperature consistency. The 6002B2 and 6002B3 are brand new models that are yet to be released, and they are exclusively available through the Blind Box. The biggest highlight is our feature-loaded 7002C2E. With an MSRP of $699, it’s one of our bestselling models and has sold out twice this year. Now you have a chance to get it for just $399 - that’s a saving of $300! To make the unboxing experience even more exciting, we’ve also put bonus gifts inside the Blind Box. You’ll be totally surprised and delighted with what you find!

We cannot wait to present these Blind Boxes to you! The Z Grills 2021 Pellet Grill Blind Box is now available to order. Will you be among the luckiest ones to get the 7002C2E? Give it a try!

Last but not least, there are only 5000 boxes available so it’s time to act NOW if you want to grab your box! Good luck!

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