How Much Smoke Should I See During a Cook?

At higher temp settings, the pellet burns cleanly and produces a thin, bluish smoke. Cooking at lower temperatures will produce more smoke in your cook as the pellets are smoldering. Normally smoke will be visible in cycles at temperatures of about 250 ℉. However, the smoke comes only periodically, not continually throughout the cook.

What is the Smoke setting?

The SMOKE setting is for smoking and adding smoke flavor to foods being cooked. It is a special mode that your Z Grills produces maximum smoke. In this mode, the temperature will swing between around 158℉ to 194℉ with cycles of smoke released every 5 to 10 minutes.

The first hour of cooking is a great time to use the SMOKE setting to ensure your meat gets that delicious smokey flavor. After one hour (or your desired length of time under an hour), bring your grill to a higher temperature to ensure your food is properly cooked.

How Much Smoke for Good Flavor

A small amount of smoke gently blowing over the food is all you need to get a nice smoky flavor. Too much smoke will overpower your food and make your meat taste bitter.

To add more smokey flavor to your food, use a stronger flavored pellet such as Hickory. Or use a smoke tube for more smoke.