Why Does My Z Grills Temperature Swing from Its Set Temp?


Temperature variation is normal. Your Z Grills adjusts the auger-fed hardwood pellet delivery system at specific intervals to control temperature, which will cause a swing in temperatures of +/- 25 degrees.

Four things you should know about temperature swings:

  1. It takes 30-45 minutes (WITH THE DOOR CLOSED) for a pellet smoker to settle into temperature.
  2. Opening the door will cause the temp to spike down. The grill doesn’t know you opened the door and will try and compensate by burning more pellets, causing the temp to spike up after you shut the door, which will then take some time to settle back into temp.
  3. Make sure your stack cap is properly adjusted. Normally raise the chimney cap up. If your grill is having trouble staying up to temperature in extremely cold weather, try lowering the chimney cap.
  4. Low-quality and old pellets burn less efficiently than fresh, high-quality pellets and can cause temperature fluctuations.


  • Steve Y

    Is there a reason the first question is unanswered? Surely it’s someone’s job to answer questions on a daily basis?

  • Pat Kellin

    I bought a s grill last year and am struggling getting it to maintain or even get close to the temps that the gauge says. In the summer it gets too hot and the cold fall winter I can not get it about 325.

    I know it takes a while to warm up, but I have cleaned it, reassembled, and keep trying things. Tonight, I’m doing pork tenderloin and it is sitting at 320. Good to go if smoking, but I am grilling and it is not working.

    What’s up with it?