Pork Spare Ribs


1. Start off by pulling the membrane and squaring off the ends.

2. Use mustard as a binder when cooking pork, it helps the rub stick better in my opinion.

3. Use AP rub and Hot BBQ rub pretty heavily on ribs.

4. As let the seasoning do its work then turn Z Grills to 250 degrees and let it preheat for 15-20 minutes, now we’re ready to let them get a smoke bath 🔥

5. Sprit with 1/2 parts apple cider vinegar and 1/2 parts water whenever the ribs become dry looking, usually around every 45 minutes.

6. Once you like the color of the ribs, wrap in peach butcher paper with butter, honey, and brown sugar and let them continue cooking while protecting the color.

7. At 190 degrees ID, mop them with BBQ sauce and stick them back in the Z so the sauce can Tac up and pull them out at 196 degrees IT.

8. No further than 196 if you don’t like your ribs falling off the bone 

9. Done, enjoy your ribs!


Homemade recipe by Fernando Trinidad Serna