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$299.00  $549.00

$399.00  $549.00

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Grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, braise, barbeque or char-grill to perfection with the Z Grills 7002E pellet grill - the ultimate way to achieve wood-fired taste. With a grill-master-satisfying 694 sq. in. cooking area, this pellet grill fits 6 large racks of ribs and provides enough headroom for multiple turkeys or large roasts. It is an excellent mid-sized pellet smoker for most people. Thanks to its precision temperature control, you'll fire up deliciously consistent results every single time.


Time: Starts from November 27, 2020, 00:00 AM PST
Models: 550B & 700E
Price & Quantity:  
550B: $199 (Limited stock: 50), $299 (Limited stock: 100), $329 (Limited stock: 300)
700E: $399 (limited stock: 50), $469 (limited stock: 100), $499 (limited stock: 300)

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The Z Grills basic series pellet grill is an ideal gift for any avid griller or cook. It is perfect for birthdays, Christmas, wedding showers, thanksgiving, as a housewarming present, and more. Anyone who knows how to operate an oven, he can create that superior wood-fired taste with Z Grills. Once you try the pure hardwood flavor, there is no going back to gas or charcoal. Buy the pellet grill at the best price ever and get a free $20 gift card now!

(NOTE: the $20 gift card can only be used on the next order)

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Get all with the flavor of real wood but none of the mess of starting or tending a fire with the Z Grills 550A pellet grill! Easy to assemble and use, the 550A has a 590 sq. in. grilling surface that lets you grill up enough food for a small family. It comes with a large 16 lbs pellet hopper, meaning less filling, more smoking!


Other ways to achieve wood-fired taste and save:

Includes Meat Thermometer

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Great for Family Grill

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Direct Flame Searing

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Great for Family Grill

169 reviews

$369.00  $449.00


Great for Family Grill

400 reviews

$333.00  $369.00


Direct Flame Searing

80 reviews

$350.00  $479.00

If you’re ready to take your outdoor cooking to the next level, the 700 series is waiting for you. These 8-in-1 grills let you cook like a pro and do everything from grilling, smoking, baking, and roasting. Grill for a party or just dinner for two - the 700 series pellet grill with 694 sq. in. cooking surface is the right grill you can look to.

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Bake or roast, grill or smoke, the 7002BPRO 8-in-1 grills will serve any BBQ purpose. The precise temperature management and set and forget controls let you easily create the ultimate wood-fired taste for family and friends while taking your grilling experience Pro. A meat thermometer is included to help you execute the perfect meal every time.


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Smoke Meats to Tender Perfection

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Superior Structural Construction

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A Workhorse for Big Meals

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Smoke Meats to Tender Perfection

396 reviews

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Superior Structural Construction

264 reviews

$432.65  $549.00


A Workhorse for Big Meals

396 reviews

$509.00  $599.00

Cannot decide on which pellet grill as the perfect gift? Share the delight and send a Z Grills Gift Card! Buy now and save up to 10%!

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If you can't decide which pellet grill your family or friends would like best, let them choose what their heart desires. Give the perfect gift -our gift card- they'll have the gift they’ve always wanted!

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Meet the Z Grills 1000 series pellet grill. With three tires of porcelain-coated grid construction, the 1000 series offers 1060 square inches of cooking surface designed for entertaining and large social gatherings. The precise temperature control and superior smoke give you consistent results infused with wood-fired flavor. At the end of the cookout, you can simply pull a lever and empty the ash out of the fire pot thanks to a convenient ash cleanout system.

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Other ways to achieve wood-fired taste and save:

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10002B with 18 bags of 20LBS Wood Pellets [California ONLY]

89 reviews

$659.00  $1,109.00

1000D with 20 bags of 20LBS Wood Pellets [California ONLY]

176 reviews

$749.00  $1,249.00

10002E with 20 bags of 20LBS Wood Pellets [California ONLY]

104 reviews

$759.00  $1,259.00

Get everything you need to up your grill game for less money! Our collection of grill tools and accessories made of premium materials meet the needs of the most demanding outdoor cooks. Get them with savings to easily make the wood-fired flavor happen!

Buy Any Grill

Get 50% OFF

Thermal Blanket



When buying

select accessories together

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This set includes all the main tools every griller needs for a successful cookout and even has a bottle opener on the spatula. Flip hot dogs or burgers with the spatula or tongs, check the steaks with the fork, or glaze meat with the basting brush.

Each barbecue tool is made from quality stainless steel which is rust-resistant for long-lasting reliability.


Still thinking if Z Grills is the right choice? Here we collect some undisputed facts about Z Grills to help you make your choice wisely and confidently. You can also visit our Facebook Group to see why our customer choose Z Grills.

1. Flavor, Convenience, and Versatility:

  • Z Grills pellet grills give your food a rich wood-fired smoky flavor and they are easy to use with simple digital controls.
  • Their 8-in-1 versatility means you can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, barbecue, char, or even sear all your favorite foods.
  • Set and forget controls free you from babysitting the grill. Just turn on the grill, set your desired temperature on our digital controllers, and throw your food on the grill. That’s it.
  • Grilling on a Z Grills creates opportunities to bring people together and create memories.

2. Best Pellet Grill Value

Z Grills uses premium materials and superior workmanship to build sturdy pellet grills while selling at honest prices. It’s the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK.

3. Dependable quality

With over 30 years of grill manufacturing experience, we definitely know how to build a pellet grill that withstands the test of time. Z Grills pellet grills are built-to-last. Every Z Grills features superior structural construction, an ultra-sturdy base and built-tough steel legs.

4. Warranty

Our ironclad 3-year warranty and 365 days of customer service stand firmly behind our products and will cover any issue that may arise. We are confident about our products, so just grill with confidence!

5. Awesome Customer Service

Our professional customer support team is highly reachable - through email, phone call, or live chat. We are always readily available to assist you. And you will join a passionate community of people who loves grilling as well as sharing their experiences.

5. Great Reviews

Don’t just listen to us; hear what our customers are saying about Z Grills on the right.

Join these satisfied customers and experience the wood-fired difference with Z Grills.

I've always wanted to get into bbq. Smoking the old school way was very labor intensive and large equipment needed. With @zgrills it made my entry into smoking bbq very seamless and easy. Its affordable as compared to other brands, performs the same and I dare say better than the expensive brands. Its reliable and has never given me problems since I purchased my first one. It was so good I bought a second one that is larger for bigger cooks. I have recommended Zgrills time and time again to many of my friends and family. They too have purchased. For the price, value, reliability, design, and easy of use, you cannot beat Zgrills. Thank you for producing an awesome product for people to enjoy smoked bbq at a fraction of the cost. 👍👍👍👍


Design, and innovation are what drew me in. Comparing all the other pellet grills the major differences were cost. I do a ton of bbq and need grills that are portable and large enough to cook entire meals, Zgrills fit the model my backyard passion required.


Researched for weeks and found bang for my buck was Z-grills! Love this grill!!


I picked Z grill because of the price & reviews. After receiving my Z grill I was impressed by the materials and ease of installation. It cooks great & maintains temperature. I love my Z Grill.

@Cemon Young

I chose z grills because of its performance and it’s value. The z grills pellet grills outperform many grills that are 2x the price. My friends and family are always impressed with the taste of the bbq that I prepare and I am proud to tell them that I cooked it on a z grills pellets grill. It also helps that z grills has good support and service.

@Colin Cooper

Love my Z grill! I have have my 700D for 2 1/2 years now and has been flawless with zero issues and has made some of the best steaks, burgers, brisket and ribs I’ve had! Thank you!

@Hunter Lee

I choose Z Grills because I love grilling, smoking and food. I eat steak grilled on my Z Grill and I say "this is how meat is supposed to taste!" Couldn't be happier with my grill.

@Brandon Miller

As a neophyte I needed to choose a grill that would be easy to learn with and easy to use. The price and dependability made this a no-brainer. I love my Z grill

@Bob Hartnett

I choose Zgrills because it holds temps great, puts great smoke flavor and is very convenient! I just fished up some spare ribs! Would love to sport some swag around Colorado!

@Derek Shane

I chose zgrill because of the reviews and price...I didn't want to pay a lot just for the name. And it turns out it was best move i could have made love my zgrill it's so versatile!

@Mark Baggett

This is my first smoker and first pellet smoker. I chose zgrills because of the affordability of the grill, the high quality of material the grill of made out of. Many reviews stated how easy it as to use and put together and they didn’t lie, super easy and fun to use. Great quality grill where I didn’t have to pay for the company branding as well!

@Ike Blount

I chose my ZGrill 450a because of the reputation, terrific value, more than ample hopper capacity and the overall size fits my needs perfectly.

@Randy Patka

My boyfriend and I have watched tons of YouTube videos and reviews comparing Z Grills to other name brand ones. It was a no brainer that z grill is at the top. All the reviews are awesome, customer service is extremely nice, helpful and quick with getting back to me. Also the price point for these smokers is the cherry on top! Couldn’t go wrong with Z Grills!

@Kylee Stamper

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