Z Grills Affiliate Program

Earn 7% recurring commissions on every purchase made from your referral link


Are you a passionate reviewer, content creator, or media network? Have you ever told your friends about zgrills.com? We've got news for you - you're an affiliate!

All you need to do is to join our Affiliate Program by signing up with ShareASale or CJ. If you promote Z Grills on your blog, your YouTube channel, your Insta profile, or your website, and one of your friends or followers buys something, we will pay you!

Wondering how much you could make? Sky's the limit!

Our top affiliate earned over $9,500 per month!


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When your friends buy through your link, we pay you a 7% commission rate.


  1. We pay the most! Earn 7% commission on product sales!
  2. Our AOV (average order value) is over $500.
  3. We pay out longer! We use a 30-day cookie.
  4. Regular updated banners, coupons, text links, etc.
  5. Real-time tracking and reporting.
  6. Dedicated support team.


Q1: What if one of my friends clicks on a link to zgrills.com that I send her/him and makes a purchase ?

A: We pay you 7% for helping us find her/him!


Q2: What if I send my friend to zgrills.com using my link and she browses around but doesn't buy anything for month — but then does!

A: That’s OK! Share a Sale and CJ keeps a record of her visit and you’ll get paid as long as she purchases within 30 days!


Q3: Does Z Grills provide free products in exchange for exposure on social media?

A: Sometimes. Before we can do so we would need to be very confident that such exposure would result in sales well in excess of the cost of the product.


Q4: Will I get commission if my referred friend buys a Z Grills Pellet grill from Amazon or other dealers?

A: NO. Z Grills Affiliate Program only applies to zgrills.com.


More Questions? Please contact us by emailing: affiliate@zgrills.com

*Z Grills does not allow affiliate self-referred sales, any affiliate caught doing this can be suspended from the affiliate program.