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NEW RELEASE: Z GRILLS 2021 Upgraded Model ZPG-5502H BBQ Grill with Auto Temperature Control (Rain Cover Not Included)

Superior Wood-Fired Flavor: Z Grills wood pellet grills offer superior cooking in your own back yard. By using 100% natural wood pellets, Z Grills produce a real wood-fire flavor that amazes even the best pitmasters.

Take Consistency to New Heights: The PID technology holds the tightest temperature possible throughout your cook for consistent results. Grill with confidence knowing that you can produce consistently great meals every single time.

Ease of Use: Z Grills pellet grills and smokers feature the ease of a gas grill yet offer the unbeatable taste of wood-fired cooking. Once you fill the hopper with pellets, set your temperature, and then relax as the grill does all the work.

8-in-1 Versatility: Bake or roast, grill or smoke, the 5502H 8-in-1 grill will serve any BBQ purpose. Whether it’s wood-fired pizza, low and slow-smoked ribs, reverse seared steak, or grilled veggies, enjoy exploring limitless possibilities with your 5502H wood pellet grill.

Built to Last: Our pellet grill construction is backed by a 3-year warranty. The heavy-duty steel construction with a high-temperature powder coat finish makes the grill long-lasting, bringing you years of ultimate wood-fired grilling experience.

Great for Small Families: Ideal for couples and small families, the 5502H features a 553 sq. in. total cooking surface, including a 406 sq. in. porcelain coated cooking grid and a 147 sq. in. porcelain coated removable upper cooking rack.

Download Z GRILLS 5502H Pellet Grill's Manual [PDF]


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PID Temperature Controller

The advanced PID technology maintains an incredibly steady temperature throughout your cook, giving you a true “set & forget” experience and the highest consistency you can count on.

Fan Forced Convection Cooking

The convection system circulates air for a consistent temperature throughout the cooking chamber, cooking food evenly and encircling food with delicious and flavorful smoke. It makes cooking any genre of food easy and unbelievably delicious.

All-Terrain Wheels & Solid Storage Shelf

Quickly roll your grill over snow, mud, sand, and any other terrain without breaking a sweat. A bottom shelf gives you extra storage space. With a rugged exterior built for the elements, our grill lets you grill happily year after year, season after season.

Convenient Grease Management System

A drip tray placed under the cooking grate catches your cooking grease and guides it into a bucket for a clean cooking zone. Enjoy fast and easy cleanup with the galvanized bucket that is sturdy and rust-resistant.


See how large a feast you can cook on this pellet grill



1. The Flavor

The reason professional barbecue chefs use wood is that it provides the best flavor. Pellet grills use all-natural hardwood as fuel, delivering unmatched pure, hardwood taste. Try it and taste the difference.

2. The Ease of Use

Pellet grills have controls that allow you to simply set and forget. One button start-up eliminates lighter fluid. And a digital controller maintains steady, consistent temperature, letting you cook like a pro with zero effort.

3. The Versatility

Unlike gas or charcoal grills, pellet grills have an adjustable, wide temperature range, allowing for 8-in-1 versatility. That means you can smoke a rack of ribs low and slow, or grill a wood-fired pizza hot & fast, and even bake a berry cobbler, all with the same grill.

4. The Efficiency

Pellet cooking typically costs less than a comparably sized gas grill. A bag of pellets (20 lbs) costs about $25 and can burn up to 50 hours. While propane gas tanks are usually $30 for a full tank, and you’ll typically get 20 hours of cook time even when cooking on low.

5. The Value

Pellet smokers might cost more than the grills you find at a big box store, but a pellet grill is a smoker, oven, and grill in one! Every Z Grills pellet grill is crafted with heavy-duty steel and comes with a 3-year warranty. It’s an all-compassing outdoor cooking solution and offers excellent value.

"The Z grills is a new smoker/BBQ/general purpose cooker option that combines a lot of versatility into a relatively compact package."

Darrell Etherington

"If you don’t currently own a smoker and are ready to experience delicious brisket, ribs and pulled pork...the affordable and high-quality Z Grills lineup."

Larry Olmsted

"Put simply, this grill gets you wood fire flavor with a level of simplicity usually only enjoyed by propane users."

Garrrett Hulfish

"These wood-pellet grill have an automated electric feed system that maintains temps from 180 F to 450 F so can" set it and think no more of it."

Kirk Miller

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